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Stumble Guys
  • Developer: Kitka Games
  • Genre: 🎮 Platformer, Indie
  • Version: 0.37
User Rating: Rating 4.76

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Release Date
October 7, 2021
Kitka Games
Kitka Games
🎮 Platformer, Indie
Windows, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One


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Join the Fun Run in Stumble Guys Game!

Emma Johnson

Stumble Guys is a hilarious and chaotic multiplayer platform game developed by the Korean studio DoubleMoose Games. It is a fun, lighthearted game that challenges players to reach the end of a course as fast as possible while avoiding obstacles and competing with other players. This is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, and Xbox One platforms.


The graphics are cartoonish and vibrant. The visuals are cute and inviting while still providing enough detail to keep the game interesting. The backgrounds are full of bright colors and dynamic animations Stumble Guys download for PC that brings life to the world. The characters themselves are diverse and unique, with various outfits and designs to choose from. The overall art style is pleasing to look at and helps create an inviting atmosphere for players.


The gameplay itself is simple yet addictive. Players must race through a course filled with obstacles such as moving platforms, spinning wheels, swinging hammers, etc., all while competing against other players, download Stumble Guys for Windows 10 from around the world, or play solo against AI opponents. Players must be quick on their feet in order to stay ahead of their opponents and reach the finish line first. As they progress through levels, they can also unlock new characters and customizations for their avatar.


The multiplayer mode is where the game really shines. Players can join a lobby of up to 32 players from around the world for some chaotic races where everyone competes for first place at the same time! Additionally, download Stumble Guys weekly tournaments that offer big rewards for the top performers in each event. This adds another layer of competition which gives players something new to strive for each week.


This offers plenty of replayability due to its randomly generated levels which make each playthrough unique from the last one. Additionally, there are also daily challenges that offer exclusive rewards if completed successfully within a 24-hour period; this encourages players to come back every day for more exciting Stumble Guys for free download opportunities! Lastly, there is an expansive collection system that allows players to build up their wardrobe with various skins that can be equipped on their characters during races; this adds another layer of personalization which keeps things fresh even after many hours of playtime!


  1. What is Stumble Guys?
    This is a 3D multiplayer party game developed by an indie game studio, Mediatonic. It is a fast-paced obstacle course game where up to 32 players compete to be the last one standing. Players will have to jump, dodge, and stumble their way through different levels while avoiding hazards such as spinning saw blades and laser beams. The goal of the game is to be the last one standing at the end of each round.
  2. What platforms can I play Stumble Guys online?
    Currently, it is available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Steam for PC/Mac.
  3. Is there a single-player mode?
    Yes! There are several single-player modes available, including Time Attack and Free Play.
  4. Does Stumble Guys for PC have any microtransactions or in-game purchases?
    No, all content can be unlocked by playing the game without needing to make any purchases.
  5. Can I play with my friends online?
    Yes! You can join an online match with up to 32 players or invite your friends directly into a private match.


In conclusion, it is an incredibly fun game that offers something for everyone! The vibrant visuals make it inviting, while its chaotic multiplayer mode keeps things exciting! With randomly generated levels, daily challenges, Stumble Guys download for Windows, and an expansive collection system, it has enough content to keep you coming back again and again! So if you're looking for some fun racing action, then look no further than it!


  • Fun, frantic gameplay that encourages you to be fast and accurate;
  • Colorful and cartoonish graphics add to the charm of the game;
  • A wide range of levels and Stumble Guys game download characters to choose from allows for replayability;
  • Local multiplayer is available, allowing for up to 4 players at once;
  • The game is free to play with no microtransactions or ads.


  • The game is currently in early access, so there are some bugs that can be annoying;
  • Some levels require a lot of luck in order to win, play Stumble Guys for free, making it a bit too random at times;
  • There is no online multiplayer mode available yet.

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